Wir fliegen (Short)


Vienna Independet Short 2013

Vienna Independet Short 2013

Director: Ulrike Kofler

Producer: Senad Halilbasic

Sound Design: Lenja Gathmann

Music: Anna Kohlweis – Squallascope

Audioformat: 5.1 Surround

Postproduction Studio:

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Runtime: 21:30min

Wir flieeeeeegen!

Plot Outline:

Young kindergarten teacher Angelika had planned her evening differently. But when 4-year-old Nikolaus isn’t picked up, she takes him back home with her. In the course of this involuntary encounter, they slowly and gently develop a rapport that is cut short by Angelika’s boyfriend Benno, who pays her an unexpected visit.

Based on a short story by Peter Stamm.