Hatch (Short)


production sound

sound design


Director: Christoph Kuschnig

Producer: Martin Maier, Christoph Kuschnig
Music: Bernd Dormayer
Re-Recording Mixer: Michael Plöderl

Postproduction Studio:

Run Time: 18min


HATCH is a 2012 short directed by Christoph Kuschnig, written by Karl Goldblat and Christoph Kuschnig, with Max Mayer (Mahler on the Couch), Andreas Patton (Antares), Vedran Kos, Tina Keserovic & Ursula Strauss.

HATCH follows two couples and the wrenching decisions they each must make on a wintry Vienna night. Milo and Biljana, illegal immigrants seeking opportunity, must acknowledge that they cannot raise their newborn and hope to achieve their own youthful dreams at the same time. Across town an older and more stable, couple desperately want to welcome a child into their lives.

Decisions borne of desperation by both couples cause their lives to briefly cross, and engender parallel feelings of angst and frustration as each accepts the harsh reality of what is simply, and unreasonably, not possible.


The music takes a radically experimental approach, substituting classical instrumentation for unique bodies of sound. Drawing from altered accordeons, hang-drums and vibraphones, the film garners a distinct timbre, making for an acoustically and visually wholesome journey.

Sound Design

The movie was shot in January and February 2011 when the crew and cast had to deal with freezing temperatures in Vienna. We did a lot of ambience and wild track recording in the city and tried to create a cold and uncomfortable sonic world for each character and the places.